Thoughts about a star map showing millions of black holes

Here’s the link “”
Holey Moley!  Are all of those black holes weakening the crystal firmament ? I think we should alert the TV shows that track things that “could be!”.
Looking at his star map as nerdie wall paper: The black holes do nothing for the color of the night sky.  The Magellanic Clouds, now there’s a nice feature. He needs more of those.

Kidding aside, I found the star map thought-provoking. I read that the latest calculations of the structure of black holes’ event horizon indicates that you could pass through the event horizon without being crushed. Of course you could never return, so there are no bragging rights, or the civilized equivalent, publishing a paper. It gives a new perspective on the idea that people love to learn new things. Some people are cast as pursuing a pure passion to learn, but would they dive into the black hole to be the only humans ever to know what’s inside? They could never come back and tell anyone about the trip. I think this indicates what most of us have learned, that scientists, like the rest of us, have multiple motives for what they do. I can live with that.

On the other hand, diving into a black hole to learn what is there, and never coming back, I would call an ultimate act of selfishness. If you are so inclined and worry about this being your legacy, then you might want to take along a friend.
Patrick Kelly

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